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Extreme PistolGrip™  Fire Fans (XPG) - Forged Creations

Extreme Pistolgrip™

Forged Creations
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Extreme Pistol Grip™ 

Designed and created in 2012, Pistol Grips™ are a Forged Creations first. Often imitated, but never truly duplicated. There has been some confusion about what exactly a Pistol grip™ is.  Pistol grip™ refers to the 2 different sized rings that rest in your palm. These rings allow the fan to sit in your hand similarly to the way a pistol would, and the hand naturally takes the position of a "finger gun". Because these rings are two different sizes, they must sit in your hand a certain way. The smaller grip ring sits at the top of your hand (thumb side). The larger ring sits at the bottom of your hand (pinky side). Because of the way the fans must sit in your hands, we do not recommend these for beginners. We advise you play with these fans before purchasing. The 2 bottom grip rings are not intended for spinning. Using these rings will cause the fan to feel unbalanced. 


1.5" x 1" around rolled kevlar wicks, secured on wick spike system.
Choose between a 2" spinning ring or a 1.75" spinning ring with Extreme Pistol Grip™. (grip rings are 1.5" and 1" I.D.)
Handles are oil rubbed for smoother spinning.
Heavy duty 3/16"outside curved spines & lightweight 1/8" inside spines. Reinforced welded joints.
They measure 19" across, 13" tall.

Sold as a pair.
Each fan weighs 12.6 oz.
Lifetime warranty on entire frame (excludes wicks). buyer pays shipping.

**Personalize your fans! If you would like to have your initials stamped on your fans, please leave a note with your purchase, up to 5 characters. FREE with purchase! **Pistolgrips look best with 3 characters!! (Fan shown is a flatgrip, but the stamp orientation will be the same) 

If you wish to exchange stamped fans, there will be a $25 letter removal fee.

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