Current creation time: Fans: up to 4 weeks Triads: 2 weeks

Warranty and Service

*If you would like to schedule a service for your props, please e-mail us before sending your props in to receive your service form. This form must be included with your props. You can contact us at*

Turnaround time for re-wicking is 3-5 business days.


All of our steel products come with a complementary lifetime warranty. (Excludes wicks.) 
This warranty covers the entire metal frame. If your prop requires service, please contact us via Facebook or Etsy to make arrangements. 
Customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

*Warranty void if frame repairs are performed by anyone other than Forged Creations. *Making alterations to the frames by removing the spikes or welding, cutting or grinding any other parts is prohibited, and will void your warranty.*


Warranty service: (Free) Includes repair of any bends/breaks in the metal, grip polish and oil.                                                      

* If the metal breaks inside the wick, we will have to remove the kevlar in order to re-attach the spine. If you would like us to replace the kevlar after the repair, that charge will be $8 per wick. 

Re-wicking service: ($80 + shipping) Includes: repairs as needed, removal of old wick, fresh paint, grip polish and oil, new kevlar, sewing new wicks.