Current creation time: Fans: up to 4 weeks Triads: 2 weeks

About us


Jay and Becca Becker are the owners of
Forged Creations, LLC.
Becca was born in Macon, Georgia and raised in Douglasville, a suburb of Atlanta. Jay was born in North Carolina and resided in both Savannah, and then Reidsville, Georgia, before also moving to Douglasville. The two met in 2001 and have been married since September of 2004. They now reside in Temple, Georgia.
Jay and Becca started practicing the flow arts in 2010 and are now both accomplished multi-prop manipulators. Jay is also an accomplished fire breather and eater.
Forged creations was born out of a need for quality props for themselves and others. A friend asked Jay to make some custom twisted fire eating torches. 
Shortly thereafter, Becca, finding herself in search of a pair of fire fans that she liked, inspired Jay to make his first set of fans. After meeting a local fan spinner, Tegan, Jay began refining his ideas in order to create a fan that was strong enough to not break, but light enough to not put strain on the wrists. Jay changed Forged Creations from general fabrication to fire prop focused on January, 1st, 2011 and became an official LLC one year later.

The couple started traveling with their business to vend and teach at different festivals in 2012, with their first flow festival being FLAME in that same year, And they have continued to work and travel since, while also maintaining an online store all year round. 
In 2013 they met Doodle who took notice of the quality and craftsmanship in Jays fans. Later that year Doodle sent Jay a rough sketch of what he thought would be the perfect fire fan and asked if he'd be interested in making a set. Jay worked out the specifics and measurements and In Jan. of 2014 the first Pair of Doodlegrips was finished. Doodle was satisfied with the look, feel, and quality of the very first set and offered Jay exclusive rights to build the design for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. Jay thought the name "doodlegrips" was appropriate and catchy and Doodle (reluctantly) agreed. This was also when all the fan designs in the current FC lineup moved to the curved outside spines.
Jay and Becca are thrilled to be able to offer quality products at a quality price, with a warranty that is second to none, and offer top of the line fans, along with triads, eating torches, gravity wands, and original & custom metal art.

Jay lists his spinning inspirations as Ky Lee, Jonah DiGiralamo, Aileen Lawler, Noel Yee, and Timbo Slice.

Becca lists Corey White, Doodle, Tegan Hendricks, Gina McGrath, and Rem as her inspirations. 

​When they aren't crafting props or vending at events across the country, Jay and Becca enjoy Making music together, backpacking, camping, and mining for gems and minerals.

Written & edited by : Jessica Mardini, and Jonah Digiralamo